Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sorry about the delays in getting anything of substance up today - I assure you it's nothing to do with a lack of supply.

I realise that television news makes the Herald look like the Harvard Law Review, but I couldn't resist sending this particular gem your way, courtesy of 3 News and EtH Marketing Manager Pete. For those of you who were washing your hair during last night's 6pm bulletin, here is an important piece on Health Minister Tony Ryall's dress sense.


Should you think that a little light-hearted bullshit never hurt anyone, think of it this way:
  • 3 News bulletin broadcast time: 60 mins
  • Minus, ooh, 17 minutes ad time: 43 mins
  • Minus nine minutes of weather, say: 34 mins
  • Minus a segment of sport: 25 mins
  • Minus about five minutes of general banter and graphics and such: 20 mins
That's 20 mins of news - even if we count 'dog rides skateboard' as news. So an article on Tony Ryall's tie abuse during the swine flu scare, a scare stoked by none other than 3 News, took up 10 per cent of the news time. Now that's journalism.


  1. The person who should be the most worried about swine flu in that clip is New Zealand's biggest publicity hog, Cameron Brewer.

  2. If Tony Ryall's dress sense is in any way contagious I think it warrants the coverage.