Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday (and today). My marking deadline is tomorrow, so I'm balls to the wall, as they say.

Should be good for tomorrow though, and I may try and 'make it up to you' with some special kind of Saturday edition.

Of course, I may well get bored enough to come on and rip Garth George a new one.


  1. You should be sorry. I lost a lot of sleep last night periodically clicking refresh, just hoping for a rage fix that I needed.

  2. Sounds like a destructive addiction. I foresee a future Herald series: "War on News-Rage".

  3. If it takes just a week to complete the "War on P", I'm not sure News-Rage will have the forces to stand up to their attacks.

  4. Garth is absolutely on fire this week.

    Today he suggests that police should immediately be armed with Tasers to stop cyclists crossing the Harbour Bridge.

    Of course, according to Garth, we wouldn't be living in a society filled with lawless pedestrians and pushbike-gangsters if it weren't for Helen Clark.

    Instead he longs for a safer, more respectful society, such as that layed out in his charming anecdote about Minnesota. After an interaction with an armed police officer, he spends the folling several months in some kind of authority-fuelled euphoric state, in which the very thought of being mortally wounded for even the most minor of offences sends shivers of fearful joy down his crooked spine.

    Power, authority, questionable ethics... These are a few of my favourite things.