Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 News Update

Mike "It's All About The News" McRoberts on tonight's bulletin:
"The British tabloids have finally found something to fill the hole left by the Jade Goody saga - the breakup of Peter Andre and Katie Price [or whatever Jordan's real name is]."
Yes, that's it: the British tabloids have found something to fill the gap. I don't know how someone can operate with such a level of cognitive dissonance, although it probably has something to do with sleeping on a pile of money.

I really need to start a blog for the television news.


  1. People watch infomercials dude, at least they don't normally spend half an hour reading them. TV news is too easy.

    unless you live-blog it.

    I'm totally into that.

  2. I believe the correct tag line is that "he gets it"

    which is appropriately vague

  3. I doubt "he gets it" anywhere near as often as he'd like. And I'd really prefer it if both he and the correspondingly oleaginous Simon Dallow stopped treating the main evening news like a fucking advertisement for their channel's website.

  4. I don't even know what the "Jade Goody saga" is/was/will be. I guess that's a sign that TV3 is not an essential source of news.

  5. Jade Goody represents everything that is wrong with the world's media outlets today. She was nothing more than an unattractive, talentless racist who was completely unworthy of even a skerrik of media attention. Her (former) presence irks me so much that I cant even talk about her rationally. Jimmy, any chance you can give us a balanced, unbiased point of view on how the prominence of the Goody's of this world is another nail in the coffin of genuine journalism?

  6. I think it deserves to contribute more than one nail in the genuine journalism coffin.

  7. what always makes me laugh about Mike McRoberts is the promo shot of him walking through the 'war zones'. but ask anyone who's been in a war zone with McRoberts and you'll find he prefers to buy footage from other, real journalists, rather than risk going anywhere near danger.

    falling off a bar stool's about the worst frontline injury he's likely to suffer.