Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sports article of the day

Well, yesterday, but you know:
"Debut win for Serbia"

Newcomers Serbia clinched the World Team Cup in Duesseldorf with a 2-1 victory over hosts Germany in the final yesterday ... Serbia became the first country since Yugoslavia in 1990 to win the cup on their debut appearance.
Good on them. I had no idea that Serbia was any good at... that sport.


  1. Ohhhhh shit. Hilaaaarious.

    Sometimes they make it too easy huh?

  2. I hear they're very good at the sport of Assassinating Archdukes.

  3. Bonus points for sparking a major continental war. Good job beating Germany for that one.

  4. Fuck me. They have been doing that for years. I remember using one of those as a pub quiz question for Shadows. heh heh. No wonder there was always so much contention with my questions. I sourced most of them from the Granny.
    Ah the good ole days. Back then James, you were just an idealistic young grammar and punctuation rager. Who could forget Arch-ipe-laygo? you've blossomed into the angry man we see before us today. Well played, that man.

  5. Historial Fail.

    Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, which is in Bosnia. Princip was Bosnian. Come on people, know your WWI facts.

  6. Plus, Serbia is part of the former Yugoslavia - so they're really only continuing on their previous form.

  7. In all fairness, the Reuters article it was lifted from didn't mention tennis either, although it did give a few hints by mentioning Nicholas Kiefer and giving set scores...

  8. Partial credit, JP.

    The conspiracy was organised largely by Serbs, and it was Serbia who got the stick for it from Austria.

    As Clint Brown would say, were he still on TV: BOOYAH!

  9. If anyone's interested, here's the original article. 2 corrections, neither mentioning tennis specifically, but it's categorised as "tennis" innit.


  10. I hardly think that the organisers of the assassination, Serbian or otherwise, can claim success in their intended endeavors. Their plans had been put in place and had failed miserably at getting the archduke, and had only managed to maim a few of his hangers on. It was just by luck that the archduke chose to go and visit his injured entourage in the hospital, and that his driver opted for a route that happened to pass a cafe that Princip was eating at. He didn't waste this second, unplanned, opportunity, and shot the inspiration behind 'take me out' stone cold dead. The fact that the Serbians got blamed for it is somewhat irrelevant.

    Booyah indeed.