Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Zealand's Next Top Epidemic

Also on page A3 today: Devious rats masquerading as domestic cats.

Keywords: "large water rat"; "three-legged cat"; "air rifle"; "motor home".

And my favourite quote?
"It [the rat] was about nine inches long, very round and cuddly ... well, violent, actually," he told the newspaper.
Cuddly, violent - same thing.

But don't just think this is a joke. Just when we think we have overcome swine flu and drug-driving, rampaging, cunning rats await us over the horizon.
"They [rats] can come into homes looking for food or shelter, or to escape a predator," said Kurt Loklindt, director of Target Pest Control. However, it was unusual for them to attack people.
For now, people. For now.

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