Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fashion = Fascism

It will probably come as no surprise to you that I don't really understand the fashion industry; in my darker moments I consider it frivolous, or even repressive. Then again, I'm probably not the target demographic. As a friend pointed out to me, if fashion shows were simply meant to impress men then all the models would be naked.

The only reason I bring this up is that a friend of mine is back in New Zealand covering Fashion Week. A considerably more distinguished writer than I, she was offered a choice both fantastic and dreadful: to write for APN (the Herald and Herald on Sunday) or Fairfax (the equally awful Sunday Star-Times and stuff.co.nz). She chose the latter, and as we speak she is blogging about models and dresses and what have you, all while stuffing herself with complimentary profiteroles. Probably.

If you're interested in/tolerant of the fashion world, have a look at her fashion week blog here, although I'm sure she doesn't need the poor trickle of hits from here. In fact, she should be bloody linking to me!

But I digress.


  1. Wait, Tatiana the Anonymous Model is a New Zealander?!?! She is AWESOME. I haven't been this proud of my fellow Kiwi since Bret and Jemaine went to New York.

  2. You're proud and Bret and Jemaine...??

    Hmmm I haven't been this proud since Jim Bolger was rolled, whilst overseas.

  3. It's odd that the Herald can't find the money subs and reporters, yet has two fashion editors (one for Viva and another for Canvas) and about 20 other female hangers on.