Friday, September 18, 2009



Dear Herald,

Please don't refer to Ferdinand Ambach, the man who beat a 69-year-old to death, as the 'banjo killer'. This isn't a western or Dick Tracy. Clayton Weatherston wasn't referred to as the 'scissors killer'. Perhaps Weatherston's case wasn't as 'hilarious' as Ambach's, seeing the former didn't use a musical instrument (or kill a gay person), but there's no reason to belittle this case.

Kind regards,

PS When you say that Ambach killed his victim "after he received unwanted sexual advances", you seem to have forgotten the word 'allegedly'. The court didn't find that was true, because that wasn't its job. I can't help but note that the opening paragraph on Weatherston's sentencing didn't talk about him killing Sophie Elliott after she attacked him with the scissors. It seems that you think these two objectionable defenses are different. They're not.

No thanks.


  1. Rebecca Barry: all about me.

    Yes, that sounds about right. She went to London you know, couldn't get a job and then came back. I read the 600 words in the Herald about the adventure.

  2. Every time I hear about the 'banjo killer' I can't help but think of someone who keeps smashing banjos. A serial banjo-killer!

    yes, it really makes it hard to take the whole thing seriously given that it is a banjo involved. It's such a comical instrument. It could only funnier if there was a midget in there somewhere as well...

  3. Bang on the money James, although Anon above makes a valid point!!