Monday, April 27, 2009


Oh, ok, so here's an awesome article: "How MySpacers would rule the world". There is no byline, which I attribute to the fact that whoever wrote it has since died of shame.

Honestly, who thought this was a good idea. It's a survey. Not even a good, Massey University survey. It doesn't even meet the strict social-scientific requirements of a Herald poll. It's 400 people on MySpace. They decided that if Barack Obama couldn't be their president, it should be Robin Hood.
Comedy films would be the most watched while the nation would be known for its fast food and Italian cuisine. The favourite holiday destination for the MySpace nation would be Australia.
Honestly. I'm quite tired today; I think I may restrict myself to just linking to stupid stuff. Fortunately, there's no shortage of that.


  1. Ha ha, I know that dude Ike in the article. Funny.

    They should run the same poll on the people who post in Your Views, now THAT would be good reading.

  2. The survey included the views of c. 400 NZers, we actually weren't told how many participated altogether, but anyway...

    Most importantly, you missed the funniest bit:

    Auckland singer-songwriter Chanelle Davis, who uses the site regularly to promote her music, was sceptical: "I don't know if I believe that rugby is less popular."

    Luminary Chanelle Davis doesn't believe football is more popular than rugby. Case closed.