Thursday, April 30, 2009


Headline from Jarrod Booker's court report: "David Bain said he could be the killer - uncle".

Actual quotes:

"At one stage he said: 'If it was my father, I can never forgive him,"' Mr Boyd [the uncle] said. "I asked him what he meant by 'if'. And he said, well, it was either his father, him, or someone from outside the house.

"And I said to him: 'Well, we know it really wasn't anyone from outside the house, don't we?' And he said yes."

Well I'm not sure how anyone else interprets what he said, but it sounds to me like he thought it was his father. He said it 'could be him' in the sense that it 'could have been me' who nibbled holes in food packets and left tiny faeces in my girlfriend's pantry - but it was probably a mouse.

No mentions of blood for Bainwatch Bloodwatch today, but the mention of a "black baby" more than makes up for it.


  1. This angle is reported in this way in several media outlets.

  2. You crapped in our pantry? Oh man, TOTALLY banned. :p