Friday, April 17, 2009

Newspapers in glass houses...

From an article in the Herald entitled "Have I got very little news for you" that has mysteriously not turned up online:

In a satirical jibe at stringent censorship imposed by Fiji's military government, the Daily Post newspaper has been filling the space with some non-news.

Headlines in Wednesday's edition included "Man gets on bus", over an item reading: "In what is believed to be the first incident of its kind, a man got on a bus yesterday. 'It was easy,' he said. 'I just lifted one leg up and then the other and I was on'."

Another headed "Breakfast as usual" began: "It was breakfast as usual for the staff of this newspaper. 'I had leftover roti from last night,' senior reporter Manueli told his colleague."

Now where have I seen this kind of thing before...


  1. Don't be shy James, you can tell us :P