Monday, April 20, 2009

Reading the tealeaves

Some questions one can expect to be answered well and thoroughly on "Your Views", such as "Should criminals have to do the time?". With others, I question the judgement of the rabid, syphilitic monkey who decides what topics to post. One might think that choosing between different hydroelectric options on the Clutha River would best be done by people who know something - anything - about hydroelectric power, but no:
"What is the best hydro-electric option for the Clutha River?"
Go on, read it, get educated.

In an exclusive leak, here are some other upcoming topics for YV to decide:
  • "How much dark matter is in the universe?"
  • "How would you perfect cold fusion?"
  • "What number am I thinking of?"


  1. AnonyMOUSE (INDUSTRY INSIDER)April 20, 2009 at 2:40 PM

    Oh dear...

    "Just get on with it and build a new dam. Hydro dams provide a great big "battery" fro effective power storage - something wind generation will never do."

    "I think we should complete all the projects. Then get rid of gas power stations."

    Either that or we start covering our office buildings with thin flexi-film solar panels instead of mirror glass.


  2. 1) 12%. But it makes up 50% of the criminal part of the Universe.

    b) I think I know a solution. If this country would pull its head out of its ass and stop arguing about issues that dont even mean anything to anyone, then maybe the people running the country would have a little more time to spend on the issues that matter. Instead of giving a whole bunch of money to someone because they claim there is a mythical creature in a river, or giving them full and final settlements for the same piece of land 3 times, how about we use that money to do something worthwhile like perfect cold fusion.

    iii) 16. You dirty bastard.

  3. "Albannach (United Kingdom)
    Did you know that the clutha is a small puffer boat used for moving goods and transporting people from Glasgow to the Hebrides in the nineteenth and early 20th century.
    It is now only remembered as a pub called The Clutha Vaults in Stockwell Street at Clyde Street .I mention this only in the passing ,when you visit the city for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 it may be of interest.A pint of Belhaven beer and a lunch for about 6 pounds,its near the Scotia Bar in Stockwell Street which is thought to be the oldest pub in the city and is also the spiritual home of Scottish Folk Music.
    "Scot wha hae."
    On the proper subject of my letter. Build the dam where you please ".

    What a delightful, irrelevant story.

  4. Now that's a view, Jordan. Brilliant.