Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Viewsday

It's Good Friday today, which means that there is no Herald. Does anyone else feel a certain emptiness? Fortunately, I plan to fill that emptiness with "Your Views":

Is National working with the Green Party a good idea?

John Shen (Auckland Central): I personally dislike how green party does things.

part-time green party salespersons on the street trying to convince you to donate them by automatic payment.

"Do you care about the enviorment?" they'd ask. But i wonder how much of those money are actually going to the enviornment. I bet they spend the most of it on administration cost and politic crap.
Hi John. You seem to have confused the Green Party with Greenpeace. Please don't vote.

geo (Tauranga): No harm in that as long as they stay strong and not let the likes of Sue Bradford tell them what to do. The way this Government is heading, I am inclined to vote them out in the next election. Imagine being called a "rick p****" and "should not be trusted" and then go on to offer his nemenis Cullen a well paid job to grease his ever growing retirement bank account. Sucks! Now the Greens want their say. Why not sit back and let the Greens, Maoris and Act parties run the Nation?

Rick Penis? Is that it? And how dare Michael Cullen save for his retirement? Sucks!

David (Linwood): Green party appeared to be strong to something about it in 3 main issues to overcome as they would not give up until these issues done and implement monitoring themselves.

It appear they're perseverance.

It appear so.

Kiwicafe (Featherston): Green By Name, Green By Nature, pun intended.
They are the Non Nurture Party
The Sidelined Party
Do Nothing But Interfere Party
If Anyone is To Smack It's Us Party
Smack By Any Other Name Party
Smack And Go To Jail Party
No Fun Party
A Party Of Pills . the list is endless

No, please, go on. The Party Hearty? Tupperware Party? Also, you lose a point for not mentioning 'Nanny State Party'.

Mancy Horliss (Remuera): A marriage between the Greens and National was always in the offing - especially with there being a John Key and a Keith Locke. Don't be surprised if National and the Greens re-brand themselves as The Key'n'Locke Party.

Ha ha, I see what you did there. But seriously, I'll probably still be surprised if that happens.

Anyway, happy Easter and/or Passover everyone.


  1. It's not orthodox easter till next week.

  2. Is anyone else terrified at the thought of National, the Greens, and a phrase including "Key" and "Party" being mentioned in the same 'your views' entry?

  3. If Tim Groser switched to the Greens he'd be a Green Groser.

    Rodney could team up with Kanwaljit Bakshi to form to "Hide'n'Sikh" party.

    Peter and Annette could open a parliamentary "Dunne-King" Donut franchise.

    Maryann and Wayne... the "Street Mapp" party.

    Jackie and Chester... the "something Borrows, something Blue" party

    Burns and Bridges... can probably also be combined in some mildly witty but not actually funny way

  4. Oh and happy Songkran everyone!
    Sawadee pi mai!

  5. I've been ignoring NZ politics for a while, so pardon my freshness here, but wouldn't a dirty alliance of the Greens onto National allow them to leverage some positive green policy action?

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  7. It kind of irritates me how Mancy didn't turn her little joke around - wouldn't Locke 'n' Key have made a better funny?