Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The wonder of Google

Sorry if today ends up as some sort of self-indulgent, Canvas-esque lifestyle section, but the Herald was so unimpeachably good today that I really have nothing to say.

Instead, I want to briefly talk about one of the most fun things about having a blog and being unemployed: spending hours poring over the Google Analytics visitor statistics. Especially interesting are the keyword results, which basically show what people have googled to end up at the site. As some light, almost-midweek fare, I thought I would share some of the more interesting search terms that have brought people to EtH:
  • dangerous asians [twice!]
  • "how to play oregon trail"
  • sweet blog
  • 17teens.com
  • affair analogy
  • battleship woman in kitchen
  • beckham 20000
  • cannibals on trial
  • crazy force feeding asians [!]
  • donations for salvation army
  • grumpy old men phrases
  • happy cows and harald [sic]
  • how much money did herald [sic] and kumar 2 make
  • m&s carart metaphor front bumper
  • making out with cannibal 2009
  • ovophobia pronounciation
  • the real cannibal britain
  • tiger kills ostrich
Thanks to everyone who arrived here by clicking on a random google result. I trust you found what you were looking for.


  1. All time number one search term for sport review remains 'pissy look'.

    My parents are so proud.

  2. self-indulgent? and here's me thinking we're just trying to enjoy our day jobs.


    no matter. we'll knuckle down, promise.

  3. Sorry, one of those "dangerous asians" searches was me...won't happen again.