Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Zealanders are wankers and rugby is gay

Ok, how angry/jealous am I?

It seems all a blogger has to do to get mentioned in the Herald is to a) be Australian and b) write some crap about how New Zealand is a bit rubbish. There have now been two articles, now including a link, and a freaking Your Views about this non-story. Meanwhile, I sit here breaking my balls about actual issues (and Viva), and what do I get? Nada.

You would think at least another newspaper would pick it up...


  1. You'll note that the newspaper hasn't run this NZPA story. It's been in pretty much every Australian newspaper, of course, but the Herald (newspaper) seems to have had the sense to ignore it.

  2. But thats life isn't it? You are "subverting the artform" and there is little thanks in that.

    Van Gogh was considered a nutter, who didn't sell a painting in his lifetime. Einstein did his best work unrecognised, as a lowley patent clerk; Galileo was imprisoned for suggesting the sun was the centre of the universe and Michelangelo was considered to be suspect around children*.

    The point is, either enjoy what you do for yourself, or give up now in the knowledge that you will probably die penniless and alone. Just give me editorial rights before you go.

    *NOTE: May not be historically accurate, or even partially relevent to the point being made.

  3. So you at once crave the Herald's attention AND revile the newspaper? Kinda like your long-held desire to be part of the Ivy League aristocracy but maintain your fashionable opposition to it. Oh Te Coesy, such a muddled young man. You could never captain the Enterprise... no just kidding, you were BORN to captain the Enterprise.

  4. Van Gogh was considered a nutter.. Einstein did his best work unrecognised.. Galileo was imprisoned.. Michelangelo was considered to be suspect around children

    I reckon you've got 3 of those 4 bases covered already - all you have to do is get yourself locked up and you'll be well on your way to infamy.

  5. OMG... I have had my statement taken out of context, and twisted to give an unintended and defamitory(but funnier)meaning. This blog is getting more like the Herald every day.

  6. Nobody would be outraged if the AP hadn't generated and spread the outrage.

    Who reads blogs anyway?

  7. Maybe the reason Granny's got her knickers in a twist about the blog is because it's all so bloody accurate.

    I mean did you notice this little gem at the bottom of the Herald article:

    Picking up that the young pair were from Tasmania, she decided to give some back.

    "Isn't Tasmania the butt of all the jokes over there?" Prof Mein Smith said.

    "They're just attacking us because they themselves are at the bottom of the pecking order back home."

    Ooh, nice comeback. Not.

  8. Best part about all this was that Mein Smith (I almost called him/her Mein Kampf there for a minute) was the last person who should have been quoted, since the tasmanian devil had ripped the piss out of Prof Smith in an earlier blog. But was that reported?

  9. Look on the bright side someone liked you on their site so now you're scoring some extra traffic.

  10. Great - so the people at the bottom of the pecking over there order feel suitably empowered to take the piss out of Kiwis.

    Think through the logic before you comment, Prof Smith.