Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009: Euphoria and exhaustion

The good news: I have just met up with the legendary Jose Barbosa in the bFM studios, where we have committed to tape the first ever 'Editing the Herald - Sunday Breakfast Edition'. It's quite possibly the greatest news-rage segment on the radio, at least since Russell Brown. You can either listen to it during the show on Sunday morning - it will probably be played between 10 and 11am - or, as I understand, you can download it as a podcast from the bFM website early next week. Of course, 'Secret Option C' is that, partial to the printed (well, typed at least) word as you no doubt are, you can just read my blog; the segment more or less a mash-up of a couple of stories I have written about this week (no elephants, I promise!). But then I like to think that my languid-yet-sharp delivery adds a certain subtlety to the news-rage that is missing from the written word.

The bad news: Due partly to the above, I have not had time to so much as pick up the Herald today, let alone read it, and right now I need some lunch, after which I shall visit the pub. however, I did notice one 'interesting' piece on the front cover today: apparently Prince Charles has edged out various other celebrities (because, after all, that's what he is these days) to be named the world's best-dressed man. This is due to him always turning out in a handmade double-breasted suit and having "a room laid out like a tailor's shop". Well, good on him; I suppose it's not like he has anything else to do other than promote his choccy biscuits and pork sausages. If I owned half of Cornwall, had a massive personal staff and a wardrobe like a tailor's shop, I would probably dress pretty well too.

Bringing up the rear was Gordon Brown, the poor bastard; he really can't catch a break at the moment. Apparently, his cardinal fashion sin was turning up to a meeting with british troops in the desert wearing black, lace-up shoes, as if he had just stepped out of No. 10. He should clearly have taken some location-appropriate dress lessons from this gentleman:

Anyway, good job Herald. I guess you can't publish Viva every day, so these stories have to go somewhere.


  1. Well done there..filling the intellectual void left by the Sunday News Roast leaving our screens???

  2. Is that an air force standard issue cod piece being sported by former president Bush?

  3. Oh great, now all I can see is Bush's package. Thanks a lot.

  4. Congratulations on the radio spot, James. I've been enjoying your work.