Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Vanload of PC Gone Mad

Thanks to Jo for reminding me about this terrific example of reporting. Regarding the fatal stabbing by one youth by another youth:

"The court heard Davis armed himself with a knife after a vanload of Polynesians turned up uninvited to a party he was attending in London St, Herne Bay.

He went to confront them and they left without any trouble, but instead of putting the knife back in the kitchen Davis put it in his pocket."

A vanload of Polynesians, you say? I do believe that a vanload is the collective noun/SI unit for Polynesians. As Jo says, that's quite the provocation. But I'm less concerned with the man's defence than I am with the Herald journalist, Andrew Koubaridis - possibly a Greek! - being quite happy to mention that this group of people not even materially involved in the crime were Polynesian.

That's right - my main concern is that we're not told which Polynesian island they are from. If they were white, you could bet your bottom dollar that we'd be told if they were Irish, of Scots descent, or mainly English. But because of the liberal media, I don't know if this vanload were Samoan, Tongan or miscellaneous. It's PC gone mad, I tells ya!

Also: Nanny state.


  1. Cobra,

    It seems like the Herald is making a play against bloggers:


    You may need to take care...

  2. NickF, you missed the fact that the artical in question is headlined "Auckland 'horrible, soulless', say Aussie bloggers".

    And in further news, The English hate the French and have you heard the Ukranian joke about the Tajikistani goat herder?

  3. Sorry, should have said "left off" rather than suggest you didn't see it. Had to get that in before anonymous gives me another serve.

  4. And you both "left off" the fact that said Aussie bloggers were Tasmanian, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    It seems like a situation where you might stumble across a forum or blog on the interweb and think its hillarious and tell a friend. But because whoever stumbled across this writes for the herald, it somehow becomes news worthy. Where is the editorial control.

  5. I like to think of them as a liquorice allsorts of Polynesians. In a van.