Friday, June 4, 2010

Erection News, Part I

The News Week Ends Here:

Sacked for being too sexy, eh. Let's turn one page, to A3.

I see they've just reused the same picture. Speaking of which, the caption:
Managers told Debrahlee Lorenzana that her high heels drew attention to her body in a manner that was upsetting.
That's interesting, because in this photo Ms Lorenzana is wearing a halter top and a lei. Presumably not what she wore at work. Christ, why didn't you just photoshop her head onto a porn star?

Workplace discrimination is, of course, an important issue - even if these are just allegations at this stage. However, I suspect that the large majority of, say, women fighting gender discrimination aren't going to find themselves on the front page of the paper.

Even more interestingly, I suspect that the kinds of attitudes that have got Ms Lorenzana, and most of Ms Lorenzana's breasts, on the front page of the paper are the same attitudes that led to the alleged discrimination in the first place.


  1. I like how her lawyer says that she would like "very attractive in a burka", as if her sexuality is an unstoppable force, transcending all fashion styles; past, present and future.

    But they still used a bikini photo to illustrate his point.

  2. I bet they were all just jealous of her mad banking skills.

  3. She works for Citibank in New York !!! WTF is it doing on the front page of something that purports to be a New Zealand newspaper.

  4. Maybe they were just worried about her DD rating, and high heels causing her to become over-leveraged.

  5. Oh jeez, she certainly is sexy!! That story has caused me to become sexually aroused but it's okay - I coped by wearing a condom!!

  6. Totally agree, Jacksonz, but I like to think that when the Herald prints idiotic articles like this they're doing it with a cheeky wink. Y'know, "actually we're really serious journalists but we need to publish crap like this because most of our readers are morons who lap it up". It's just that the skin stories tend to dominate the front page picture leads to entice dopes to part with their coins and buy the rag. If the NZH had a daily tabloid competitor then maybe this sort of dreck would filter away and we'd be left with a much smaller but less stupid Herald.

  7. We got the same article in the Metro here in London:

    Probably a more apt picture - her in an office, rather than on holiday.

  8. And, note, Metro is a free rag, so behaves no better than it ought to. The NZH, on the other hand....?