Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Be prepared

Turns out that TVNZ is all over this as well.
Follow this story to ONE News at 6.00pm: Melissa Stokes is live in Auckland with the latest on this story
Oh, thank goodness. A live cross to Auckland Museum, where only hours ago nothing happened. As a journalist acquaintance told me today, the great thing (from a media perspective) about this story is how nicely it was set up for them. First there was the Auckland Grammar-Kelston rugby brawl, where two groups of youths briefly stopped running into each other and started hitting each other - then got back to running into each other. Secondly, there was the Nazi Party nazi party at Lincoln 'University' which managed to outrage the nation for about five minutes. Auckland Grammar School + Nazis? That, my friends, is ratings gold. Plus they have already found all the stock photos and footage!

Anyway, this is why I don't watch the television news - but you should feel free to so you relate the awfulness back to me later.

PS And yes, I did go to Auckland Grammar School. Do I feel, like Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres, "ashamed to be an old boy of Auckland Grammar after the actions of the schoolboys"?

No. I was already ashamed.


  1. You should have seen the crap spewed on TV3 this morning by that guy with no lips and a canoe for a head (note: not John Kerry) and the chick who does movie reviews - oh sure, moral outrage from the beacon of morality. Cunts.

  2. Everyone likes a Nazi story.

  3. Ah, TV news and their 'live cross' capability. My favourite is when they cross live to somewhere else in the same building as the studio.

  4. "My favourite is when they cross live to somewhere else in the same building as the studio."

    The classic being TV ONE stories on Auckland issues - they will often "cross live to a reporter in Auckland" who is obviously just standing out on the TVNZ balcony.