Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vivawatch: Slight return

"Reference the ubiquitous grunge trend in a feminine way with these new wearable pieces from the latest Levis range. Plaind? Check. Denim? Check. We like the shrunken denim jacket with rolled sleeves and the slouchy pocket detail on the dress. Easy to wear and relatively cheap too. Levis trucker jacket, $159.90, and hceck dress, $119.90."
Ubiquitous? In what, 1993? I just had a quick look around the office and couldn't spot anyone grungy at all. It's also good that they're wearable, unlike those tiny rugby jerseys that you are supposed to stick to your car window. Anyway, Kurt Cobain, rolling in grave, etc. etc.

Channel your inner Lady Gaga with these new mirrored shades from Morrissey. Called "Thus Spoke", after a Nietzsche novel (so deep), the sunglasses are very limited edition with only 100 made available for sale. So if you want to make like Gaga and hide from the paparazzi behind bold sunglasses, we'd get on the waiting list fast. Morrissey "Thus Spoke" sunglasses, $275.
Yes, Nietzsche is my favourite... novelist. Didn't he write that new movie that just came out, um, Angels and Demons? So deep. That aside, $275 doesn't seem so bad for a pair of sunglasses designed by Mozza himself.

This eyeshadow pinwheel from M.A.C. is part of the limited edition Colour Craft range of in-your-face shades for eyes, lips and cheeks. The mineral makeup quad costs $44 and its colours would work well with the tribal bohemian feel we'll see in some spring fashion.
Surely they mean "on-your-face"? Seeking more information, I googled 'tribal bohemian' and found myself at the Wikipedia article for Bohemia:
Roman authors provide the first clear reference to this area as Boiohaemum, from Germanic Boi-Heim, "home of the Boii", a Celtic people. As part of the territory often crossed during the Migration Period by major Germanic and Slavic tribes, the western half was conquered and settled from the 1st century BC by Germanic (probably Suebic) peoples including the Marcomanni; the elite of some Boii then migrated west to modern Switzerland and southeastern Gaul. Those Boii that remained in the eastern part were eventually absorbed by the Marcomanni. Part of the Marcomanni, renamed the Bavarians (Baiuvarum), later migrated to the southwest. It should be noted that, although the leading tribes changed, there was a large degree of continuity in the actual population, and at no time was there a wholesale depopulation or change in ethnic stock.
Interesting. Using this information, I did a google image search for 'boii' and found (among other things) this image:

So there you go - future fashion trends from the comfort of your own home or office with Editing the Herald. $44 from your quality cosmetics stockist.


  1. Yes, Nietzsche is my favourite... novelist. Didn't he write that new movie that just came out, um, Angels and Demons? So deep.

    No, that was Dan Brown. Nietzsche is an actual philosopher, he's the "God is dead" dude. The novel must be Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  2. @Sam

  3. hahahaha. Sam - best not to take James literally...

  4. In the words of Flavor Flav "Yeeeeaaaaah Boii!"

  5. I was laughing at the article. And then I read the first comment. Lulz indeed.

  6. Why didn't I get the joke? Nietzsche was also a novelist; read the page I linked, it's a philosophical novel. Just like Santayana, philosophy turned into stories. But glad to have lightened your collective days.