Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi Mum

Whenever my mother reads my blog, she always says the same thing: "It's very good, James, [ahem] but why can't you ever say something nice?"

So here goes - there is a good column on prison reform by the consistently excellent Tapu Misa in today's Herald. There, I've said it. I'd love to see her and Garth George chewing the fat at the Herald Christmas party.

Of course, anything that enrages the hypocrites - violent crime is A-OK when it's a middle class white man stabbing a brown kid to death - and sociopaths at the Sensible Sentencing Trust get the EtH seal of approval. So, sticking with the general theme, here's my attempt at influencing Google:

KEYWORDS: "sensible sentencing trust" "hypocrisy" "lazy journalism" "garth mcvicar" "rent-a-quote" "throw away the key" "wankers"

(Sorry Mum.)


  1. Yeah, I love Tapu Misa's writing.

    On a note about prison reform, it's boggles the mind that the solution to there being so many people being sent to prison is to send more people to prison for longer.

  2. Likewise, the reasonable and balanced editorial about Sian Elias had me wondering if I'd woken up in bizarro world the other day.