Monday, July 27, 2009

Fighting the good fight

From the front page report on the US guilt-tripping New Zealand into sending more troops we don't have to Afghanistan:
The Herald travelled to Afghanistan this month, when the United States openly asked for more troops, more police trainers, more civilian expertise and more aid money.
One has to admire the Herald's boldness, but I fear that the United States will be less than delighted with our latest contribution.


  1. Is there *anyone* subbing at the Herald anymore? Anyone at all?

  2. they're down to their last four in the office.

  3. Maybe the Herald should send Garth George to negotiate with the Taliban.

    He will give the Taliban reason to think they are not so different to us.

  4. The position taken by Nato in this story is consistent with what has been said by the organisation over the last two years.

    It has always stated that other nations need to send more soldiers, that the burden should be shared, and that the mission should be an example of co-operation among allies.

  5. Patrick Gower has no shame

  6. I wouldn't say that, Anon #2. What I would say is that it appears that there was little knowledge of the context of this story, from reporter or newsdesk, and it has created a storm in a teacup.