Friday, February 5, 2010

Accentuating the positive

Sports 'stars' on changing the flag, the Herald's sudden and inexplicable hobby horse. If you can't see properly, the green box says "Change", the black "Undecided" and the red "No Change".

More on this flag business after I've had a cup of tea.

Turns out I was too 'busy', but if you want some compelling reasons not to change the flag, then have a look at this Herald design collection.


  1. Who could've guessed that people submitting to the Herald had terrible taste?

  2. who could have guessed someone would have posted such a disparaging and big-headed comment on a shit blog like this?

  3. Holy Jesus was gay Mike, looks like you touched a sore spot there.

  4. Hey Anon, I'm trying to fervently devote myself to James Coe's independent opinion and your independent opinion is making it really hard for me. This is madness, and now I'm mad, I'm so mad I'm shitting little pebbles

  5. Oh gods, I just had a look at the designs for the first time. My mistake! I'm thinking, 'special needs' meets the 'flag debate'.

    I especially liked the pencil-scrawled fern on top of the Union Flag. Kind of looked like the aftermath of a fish supper on a novelty plate.

  6. "This symbol must go, the New Zealand Herald argues"

    I can't help but think this whole thing is like petulant ingrate teenager, having been fed and clothed and watered up through puberty, all of a sudden wanting to change his surname and divorce his parents, screaming "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"

    To me New Zealand seems more British these days that Britain does, with its quaint old-fashioned conservatism and stagnant social and moral development issues.

    But then again, the flag only really acknowledges one side of NZ's history, so probably should be changed.

    Can we change it without changing it?

  7. Nah bollocks, leave the flag it as it is. It would be irrelevant no matter what it looked like (unless you're *really* into cloth and poles.)

    The Herald will soon come to this conclusion too, once they have utterly failed to find a decent alternative in all the million cretinous scrawlings proposed by the 'great and the good' (i.e. some All Blacks) and the sub-normal artless plebs that they have whipped up into a lather over such a massive non-issue.

    Mmm, that's better.