Monday, February 8, 2010

16 minutes of fame

For anyone who is extremely bored at work, propping up the 7.3% unemployment rate or 'studying' on my taxpayer dime: you may wish to waste 16 minutes listening to bFM's José Barbosa and myself whine about the flag 'debate', Alison Mau's new 'lady-love' and Kerre Woodham's Twitter nightmare. (The recording is here.)

I can't imagine why, though.


  1. I especially liked your use of the word 'fuck'.

  2. Glad to see the blog is attracting angry APN employees.

  3. Is anyone else disturbed by Debbie Mayo-Smith's lion-like mane of hair? Doesn't she remind you of just another dumb life coach?...oh, she is.

  4. PS I see now that Key is drawing flags on TV. No debate then.

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of logging in to comment again. I don't get paid enough - ie anything - to take shit from people without the balls to even put a fake name to their abuse.

    Funny how no one has tried to justify the Mau story. You there, Monk? Anonymous?

  6. That was quality James. Well done.

    The Mau story was beyond stupid. Who gives a shit who is fucking who? I don't even know who she is.

  7. The answer to the question "Who gives a shit who is fucking who" is, unfortunately, a not insignificant number of the proletariat. Those types of stories have a place somewhere within the realm of the media, however, that place is definately not in a newspaper that has, or at some point had, credibility as a source of daily news.

    On another note, I noticed this morning that the herald website now has a section specifically dedicated to 'The Flag Debate', located below sport but above politics. Yowza.

  8. It's become apparent over the past couple of years that the Herald seems to have forgotten that newspapers are supposed to report the news rather than create the news.

    Granted, it was never very good at the former, but it's even worse at the latter.

  9. My lunchtime was 16 minutes of lame without a new post today :-(

  10. Jimmy, please either resume regular blogging, or give anon's back their commenting rights. Their off base and, yes, abusive comments serve a valuable purpose here by making the days inbetween your entries just that little bit spicier. Remember, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about...

  11. In another media-related sensation...

    'Key Booted for Brooke by TVNZ' tells the exciting tale of how our Prime Minister was bumped from Close Up with only a couple of hours' notice to be replaced by some ex-All Black thicko who copped a feel.

    As the article states - "Such 'bumping' is common in television entertainment shows when they run out of time or there are better offers." why the sweet fuck is this news if it happens all the time? More interest in tits 'n ass than the tit who runs the country?

  12. What's fascinating is the Herald seems to be making a judgement call and saying 'How dare Close Up choose titillation over a much more important political issue?' Yet that is what the Herald does every freaking day on its front page.

  13. Nice editorial from the HoS today...

    "The Herald on Sunday has been shaped by its readers."


    "We've always tried to adapt to what our readers want - and buy. Selling the paper is of utmost importance, and to achieve that it's not always what might be considered the best, traditional journalism that makes the front page."

    Definitely not the best.

    "The point is, if we don't sell the newspaper, we won't have a product or pages to present the work of some of New Zealand's best journalists and columnists."

    Not entirely sure how some of New Zealand's 'best journalists and columnists' can function at their best when the newspaper's principles revolve around sales figures and 'give them what they want'...

    "That's not to say we're sitting back smugly."

    Not fucking much.

    "I'm off to the mothership - the NZ Herald - and a return to daily journalism after 11 years in the Sunday market."

    Like there's a difference between the two?