Friday, November 13, 2009

He's only the most famous person in the world

Oh, look at what you've done - you've gone and spoiled your fancy Samuel Beckett allusion by misspelling the name of the President of the United States. Maybe it would be easier if we just went back to calling him 'Barry'.

From further on in the article:
Obamamania is starting to grip Singapore, with one restaurant putting an "Obama burger" on its menu and the Straits Times newspaper running a stack of stories with Obama-related headlines.
Just like every other newspaper in the world, then. Let's casually flick through to today's world section:


  1. You'd think they would have set up their spell-checkers to automatically correct Barak to Barack. It's been a whole freakin year now! Maybe they fired the spell-check software as well...

  2. It should actually be spelt

    2Another Corporate Shill Obama"

  3. Obamamania! Found this if anyone's interested and has half an hour to invest: