Monday, November 2, 2009

Mai Vuz on Ur Vuz

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows Your Views...


"Are you thinking of becoming a vegetarian?"
In a paper published by a respected United States think tank, the Worldwatch Institute, two World Bank environmental advisers claim that instead of 18 per cent of global emissions being caused by meat, the true figure is 51 per cent....

H (Franklin):
What concerns me about this topic is that it sounds as if a great number of animals will have to be killed off to stop them contributing to green house gasses through expiration and flatulence. (Remember the FART tax!) And it probably won't just be limited to traditional farm animals.
Oh what? You mean... they'll have to kill the livestock?

winegrower (Motueka): "It's absolutely true that if everyone on earth was vegetarian then the planet could support twice the population it can support at the moment," I think not.

Take out non productive areas such as all the mountains and hill country, sea, lakes, swamps and rivers. Then take into account the fact that to get enough essential vitamins and minerals to remain healthy we would need to eat considerably more volume of food.Is there enough viable l
and on earth to grow enough vegetable based food without the use of animals?

What? Ok... we take out the seas and mountains, and... what? And why do I have to eat more food? And... you know animals have to eat food as well, right? And... oh, never mind.

Andrew kiwi in the (United States of America):
"In a paper published by a respected United States think tank, the Worldwatch Institute"

Respected? How about never heard
Ignorance is bliss.

Raspberry (Epsom): No way! Meat plays a huge part in our economy, it's good for us, and in my opinion it tastes amazing! I love nothing better than a good steak.

The environment may suffer, but th
at's life, and it's a natural process that should be left alone. We can do better things like not littering and dumping rubbish in the ocean. Those are the things that really harm the environment.

It's not damaging the environment; on the contrary, it tastes amazing! And after all, "that's life"!

Lady Barbie Girl (Epsom): Almost all the vegetarians I've ever come across look absolutely palefaced like they are about to cop it.

So much for being a, pardon me, "healthy" vegetarian.

Not to mention that a pig can flee it's killers whilst a carrot and beetroot can't run anyway at all. Yeah, think about that.

I think that's why they put them in sow crates.

JG (West Harbour): It's a matter of personal choice.I don't think veges should shun meat eaters and make out they are better people because they don't eat animals, and likewise with the meaties-don't bash the vegetarians ,going on about how vegetables suffer too,etc,it's silly.

Everything in moderation. What is bad is filling your body with endless bottles of bright coloured fizzy,chips, high fat junk food,etc.Our diets should be primarily based on plenty of fresh fruit and veges, and water, then a bit of lean meat.

Yeah... you didn't read the topic, did you?

Al (Rotorua): Never - that lady who was in the masters games never ate a vegetable in her life now she's 100 and won a gold medal for the shot putt.


Lyall (Sandringham): No. I am an omnivore by nature. By nature, I mean the nature that designed my body, not my personality. My teeth are designed to chew vegetable matter and cut meat. My stomach is designed to digest animal and vegetable matter. Finally, if we can't be kind and considerate of our children, why should the (relatively) humane w

ay in which we kill animals affect my diet.

I'm sorry; did you just claim that, because some people abuse their kids, animals should just shut up and be happy they have it so good?

Pedantic (Forrest Hill): To all

those vegetarians that have contributed here, thanks very much, now read the heading of this discussion!

This is only for us non-vegetarians, and poses a question about our possible future crossing to vegetarianism. We do

n't want to know how healthy and clever you are, because you will never convince us of the benefits of a vegetable diet by being arrogant and presumptious.

Hi Pedantic:

sage (victoria): vegetarians are part of a terrorist plot to destroy the agriculture and health industries of our country. be patriotic and eat meat lots of it

Hospitals will go out of business, and then doctors will be hanging around in alleyways, offering backalley elective surgery with rusty scalpels. Won't someone please think of the children?

Aklr In Exile (Napier): It is interesting that many have said that vegetarianism is good because it saves on the amount of space needed for food production.

No-one has mentioned that reducing the number of people (meat eater or vege) that need feeding would be a sensible thing to do.

Now why is that then?

Well here's my theory. One involves people in rich countries moderately adjusting their diet. The other involves at least one of:
  • mass extermination
  • mass involuntary sterilisation
  • oppressive, Chinese-style (or worse) population control measures.

mary shuto (New Windsor): Meat is essential. The New World Order wants to weaken the population and thus weaken resistance to the one world Govt implementation by decreasing our meat consumption.

Meat provides many vitamin and minerals that are extremely hard to get on a vegetarian diet, and most importantly it provides protein which builds muscle, muscle strength helps build the immune system and release testosterone to give energy and well being.

The NWO-controlled Western Governments want the people to be physically less strong and muscular to create a weaker, sicker population that will desperately and meekly accept the increasing Draconian Govt control and imminent quarantine, internment and martial law.

I predict a 'virus' will damage our meat supplies in the near future, prices will skyrocket, don't believe me? Just watch.

Okaaaay. I think that's just about enough YV trawling for today - my spleen hurts.

Disclaimer: I am a vegetarian, so long as you think of anything that lives underwater as a vegetable. I trust that even rabid meat-fanatics, as I was a few years ago, can appreciate the... interesting nature of the YV debate.


  1. So you're actually a pescetarian. You can say it, we all have access to Google.

  2. Spleen relief tip: pretend that all the YV contributors are master trolls havin a laugh.

    It helps a little.

  3. If a cow drowned, would you eat it?

  4. I think a more interesting topic would be:
    "If you had to kill your dinner yourself, would you still eat meat?"

    Fun game for bolshy vegetarians: refer to meat as "carcass", "dead animal parts", "cat and dog substitute", "flesh" , and sausage as "lips and areseholes."
    It's the new political correctness. Consciousness raising through language appropriation.

  5. Mmmmm cat and dog substitute.

  6. Lips and Arseholes FTW.

    Mind you, I spent years living in Scotland, so I'll eat anything.

  7. Completely off topic - but I have never read a more sycophantic article than this.

  8. I love this:

    Not to mention that a pig can flee it's [sic] killers whilst a carrot and beetroot can't run away at all. Yeah, think about that.

    If only because I'm imagining that final sentence being spoken by Peter Griffin.

  9. Besides, if we don't eat animals they'll probably steall all our jobs.

    That's why I only eat foreign immigrant animals. But not badgers, they're just like us.

  10. Monk De Wally De HonkNovember 3, 2009 at 12:00 PM

    'If a cow drowned, would you eat it?'

    One of the funniest things I've read on here.

    Although technically the cow would have only 'lived' for about a minute under water.

  11. The Herald should bear some responsibility for allowing people to say all this shit and then publishing on their website, as if it has some validity or legitimacy.

    How are people in NZ actually so awful? I just don't understand.

  12. I was in the Meat Club when at Auckland Uni, but I'm vegan now. I decided to check these beauties out for myself. Too delicious to be true! One of my favourites was from a darling called 'PigHunter':

    "If these PC idiots had their way we would all be beige skinned, gay, vegetarian whale lovers that wear flax undies and speak forgotten dialects that no one has ever heard of".

    What a dreamboat.

  13. Was that REAL? Who ARE those people. Wow.