Sunday, November 22, 2009

So what did you do yesterday?

I went to a protest. Cheers to Kieran Whelan - here are his amazing photos of the march on Flickr - for one or two of the pics.

This handsome man has a point.

This sign ended up in a lot of photos.

Yeah, I think that decision has been taken. This clown, riding in front of the march on a tiny motorcycle, really summed up the march for me.


MP John Boscawen (bottom right) faces the full force of satire. The gent on the left told Prime News that he was calling for a referendum of Carly Binding, but still reported this:
Some of the more unusual placards included 'Bring Back Dancing with the Stars' and one calling for a referendum on former TrueBliss singer Carly Binding.
More piss-poor journalism from the MSM.

Random man in the crowd to me: "There are a lot of intelligent people here today, you know."

I'm sure they just needed a good smack.

Thanks for clearing up this vexed semantic issue.

Just FYI.

The reporting on the protest was quite interesting. TV3's report seemed to take it all rather seriously, while One News managed to call it what it was - a bizarre mishmash of various interest groups with no more coherent overall position than feeling that history is passing them by. The One News clip has the added bonus of briefly featuring me.

Once José sorts out the link, I'll put up our discussion of the march from the bFM Sunday Breakfast this morning.

Overall, just about the best day ever.


  1. Oh brilliant.

  2. Haha, that's awesome! I didn't go in the end... I based my decision on how I felt on Saturday morning... or mid-morning as it were. I kinda regret not going now. Marching For Idiocracy would've been a good sign, along with a chant of WHAT DO WE WANT? WE DON'T KNOW! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? SOON!

  3. Fantastic!

    Beautiful videobomb in there James. That's a good 7 seconds.

  4. Dammit, I feel I missed out.

    Nice pic Flynn, I had some good ideas for signs, which I shall have to tell you about, at great length. Unless of course you make me tea.

  5. By far and away the most hilarious thing I've seen in ages. Particularly liked the "Hit my baby 1 more time" banner. Truly, democracy in action. Stupid democracy, but why get picky when it's so damn funny?

  6. @ Deus - it was ahrd to choose, but that had to be my favourite.

    And I'm afraid I have my own tea. Which I shall now taunt you with

  7. Fantastic, fantastic job. Well done all, and totally agree Flynn, that's the all time best protest sign...

  8. Pete and James- you are both legends :-)

  9. Brilliant. Nice sign James. I'm so glad it didn't happen in wellington though, I'd have to rinse the smell of smacking off the streets on the way to living my life...

  10. I wrote to the Herald to ask why there was blanket coverage of the march and yet no mention whatsoever of the ukulele festival at Mt Smart, which happened at exactly the same time and attracted roughly the same number of people, and even set an (unconfirmed) world record. No reply so far.

  11. Julia, your ukulele festival probably needed better signs.

  12. Ukulele festival just needed more righteous indignation. Maybe a uke-fest of protest songs, starting with Dylan's "Hurricane".

  13. Great work! Does anyone know if the guy in full Nazi regalia was a spiker or legit? Hard to tell...

  14. Re: Ukelele's

    It's probably because the Herald office is in the CBD and a short walk from the march, where as the Herald would have to pay for bus fare to get their staff all the way to Mt Smart

  15. Owen looks so cute!!!!!



  17. If you wish to own a part of that glorious day...