Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Most Tortured/Tortuous Headline 2010

Page A6 today: "Fancy a feed of fancy crab? Sorry, there's a catch... well, no catch"


Oh, the article is also awful and unnecessary. The big news here is that stocks of Alaskan king crab in Auckland have run out:
Simon Gault, who owns the Jervois Steak House in Ponsonby and the Viaduct restaurant Euro, said stocks of Alaskan red king crab - subject of the television series The Deadliest Catch - ran out two weeks ago.

[...] The crab sells at Jervois Steak House at $26 for a 200g entree, and $80 for a 600g main.
Thanks for that important consumer news, consumer affairs reporter, of relevance to that large slice of society that purchases $80 restaurant mains. Christ, no wonder the rest of the country sees Aucklanders as effete layabouts.


  1. Confused: is there crab on the menu at JSH or not? Have read this twice now and am unable to answer this question.

    And broader questions, too: like what the fuck we're doing importing container loads of crab to an island nation with plenty of other fish?

    Suggestion. The Herald news editor should put five questions on each desk: Who, What, When, Where and Why. Possibly How, as well, but they might struggle with that one.

  2. I bet they toyed with putting that picture on the front page.

    Also did ya notice that a cat on the harbour bridge only made it to A7? Some sort of pro-dog, anti-cat bias going on there.

  3. You have to ask yourself what was the point of this story - full stop.

    I'm only guessing here, but could it have been seeded by Simon Gault's publicist in order to keep the man's name in front of the media now he is no longer on the television each week?

  4. Simon, what makes you think the herald has a news editor?

  5. Indeed. That would first require the presence of some news to edit.

  6. Gaz. They would have posted a photo but there are no crabs to take a photo of.