Monday, August 24, 2009


I would apologise for the lack of editing going on for the past week or so but, as it turns out, there's just been nothing bad in the Herald to talk about.

There's definitely been nothing like this piece, an article that should have been rejected from the College Herald for editing like this:

From what little can be gleamed from reviews and leaked video clips, the Zune HD's on-screen keyboard (a critical make or break feature) looks very similar to the iPhones in that letters to linger above your fingers, making for significantly easier typing.

Whilst its hard to get a feel for the Zune HD's 3.3" 16:9 widescreen capacitive OLED multi-touch 480x272 screen from pictures and lo-fi YouTube clips.

The use of OLED is likely to ensure it'll be pretty vivid and, like most new OLED mobile phones, should be pretty readable outdoors.

I know the site is called Editing the Herald, but I shouldn't literally have to edit your punctuation and grammar.

There also hasn't been any occasion for a 'Party on, Garth'. He didn't, for example, argue that our criteria for whether we should send troops to war ought to consist entirely in whether the soldiers are keen or not. This column, had it existed, had the memorable effect of eliciting a letter from none other than Phil Goff defending his position on Afghanistan. Memo to Phil: just keep walking and don't talk to the crazy person. We have professionals to deal with that sort of thing.


To ease you into the working week - those of you who even have jobs - I thought I would critique the front page of the Herald. It's tough, however when there's almost no news on it because the entire top half of the page is covered with colourful boxes making promises about the fun content inside the paper.

Back in my day, people didn't need colourful boxes to convince them to turn the page and see what was on the next one. I guess I just wasn't made for these times.


  1. Also, the word is "gleaned". "Gleamed" is what your car did after you washed it.

  2. "I know the site is called Editing the Herald, but I shouldn't literally have to edit your punctuation and grammar."

    Who the fuck are you talking to?

  3. "Who the fuck are you talking to?"
    Shhhh... he doesn't know that "they" aren't reading his blog yet! You'll destroy him emotionally and spiritually. He thinks that the NZ Herald, or "my precious" as he likes to call it, has changed since he started helping "them" with "their" style and content. It's wonderful online theatre - please don't ruin it by letting him in on the gag just yet...

  4. Ouch, girlfriend!

    I *know* it has changed - I read it every day and it's got considerably worse.

  5. Rattue pre-Bledisloe: Time for Henry to fuck off.

    Rattue post-Bledisloe: Isn't Henry great.

  6. Uh... When I was at high school, college herald was a competition. Clearly no longer.

  7. You have to feel sorry for those who sit there and realise - with a rising, suffocating dread - that there is no news, because there is no longer anyone to find it and write it.

  8. Pardon? When did Rattue say Henry was great? Read the column before commenting on it...

  9. 'why henry deserves our praise' in BIG FUCK OFF CAPITAL LETTERS ON THE FRONT PAGE