Monday, August 24, 2009

Monkey News

Oh Christ. From page A3 of New Zealand's Newspaper of Record - "Feline Star plays the piano purrfectly":
A piano-playing cat called Nora has become an internet sensation after a concerto was written for her.
Unfortunately, this piece didn't make it to the website - either because it was pinched from the Telegraph or because they've fired all the people who upload content to the Herald Online - so if you want to find out more about Nora then you'll have to buy the paper.

I was going to link to the story on the Telegraph website, but I refuse to be the kind of person who links to a story about a piano-playing cat. So there.


  1. Depressingly, the street posters for the Dom Post actually DO HAVE BLOODY MONKEY NEWS AGAIN! Enough with the monkeys already.

  2. sadly both 'news' programmes on terrestrial TV went large on a cat hitting a piano with a paw.

    or it could have been a repeat of america's funniest animals. i honestly can't tell these days.

  3. Didn't Nora hit the news several years ago? Why has it become news now? Has Nora performed some new feat?