Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Because I can't bloody help myself

More "Ur Vus" on referendums people would like to see:

Marj (Auckland) I'm not even gonna bother to vote, god I was brought up getting smack, I'm not sure what they going on about, what's wrong with it I'm not even gonna go against my parents teaching, I think they brought us up in a good way. We listened.

If you needed any further discouragement from smacking your children...

Greg Connor (One Tree Hill): I would like to see a referendum on the issue of Maori taking bodies from their families to different parts of the country. While it is a cultural issue I think it should be the subject of a referendum because it is something that effects many families in NZ.

Does it now.

Bill Daly (Glen Eden): Referendums should be binding on government, whether local or national. MPs are often no better and sometimes less informed about issues than the general population. I'd like to see a referendum on a new law that says MPs must vote a particular way if the majority of their electorate want that, irrespective of what party bosses might want. Political parties are not necessary to democracy and are often a hindrance to good representative government.

Indeed, Bill, it seems you think that representatives are often a hindrance to good representative government.
Malx (Pyes Pa): Very vaguely.
Something to do with banks gouging us
Something to do with electricity companies gouging us
Something to do with financial companies being made to pay back people.
something to do with politicians ludicrous superannuations and allowances.
Well it's no more poorly worded than the current one.
a a (Devonport): What would I like to see a referendum on? Prostitution, and yes it should be binding.
"Should prostitution be binding? Yes or no?"


  1. I prefer my prostitution to be binding, but I'm aware it's a matter of personal taste.

  2. Two (three?) words: Peter Plumley-Walker.

  3. Should a spank, as part of good prostitution, be a payable service?

  4. whenever I need a good laugh in my day I come here. Thanks for your effort, and thanks ur vu's for providing us with some daily stupid.

  5. great sneering. you're getting really good at it.

    self awareness is a wonderful thing.

  6. I think the first anonymous may be sneering at you for sneering, James. Cryptic or hypocritical?

    Keep up the great work fella. This is my favourite blog and I don't even read the Herald.

  7. If only my fellow Anonymous coward could get as good at counter-sneering. Or making some kind of point.

    Where's the next post? PLEASE HURRY WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME.

  8. Damn, another friendly Anon beat me to it.

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  10. New word:

    Hypocryptical: Being deliberately unclear while accusing someone else of doing something that you yourself are doing.

  11. Hypocryptical!

    James, Ur Vuz on teh killa doggies is a cracker as well. The thing about Ur Vuz is that they keep a topic going and just nudge it back up there when there's a new event relating to that topic. So if you go to the thread about teh killa doggies you can go all the way back to 2007 and the tail-end of the microchipping debate. And what's more - it's the same people!


  12. I saw a dog get scanned as it was boarding the ferry to France the other day. I reckon its rad.

  13. If this blog becomes self-aware humanity's fate will be decided in a micro-second.

  14. My eyes are bleeding today at the climate change topic on Yur Vuze!

    I particularly like:

    'Greenhouse is a myth like evolution....'

  15. I couldn't agree more with the prostitution referendum idea. Well, until I started thinking about the smacking-children one as well, which is when I got the two confusedo and I think (THINK) violated a few moral codes. Bloody Your Views.

  16. The Rabbi T. WhiteAugust 7, 2009 at 2:19 PM

    Oh joyus day! Ian Wishart registered a Your Views account! This is sure to be the cause of much delusional ranting. :)