Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pot, kettle, etc.

Another youth-bashing article about kids gone bad. Yawn.

Except this one is so remarkably smug and arrogant about the whole issue that it was worth me breaking out of my torpor and writing something down.
More than 1500 Facebook users, most of whom appear to be students, say they plan to attend the "Castor Bay Beach Party 2!" on Auckland's North Shore in December.
Students! Here we go:
On the Facebook page, posters do not appear to care about the residents of the area, the police, the illegality of their actions, or grammar.

Adam Ellington, whose profile picture appears to show someone throwing up, is defiant.

"This is win. We will win. Cops wont win [sic]," he wrote.

Laura Petrova Isaac also intends on going.

"ha ha went to the first one... and the next day it was all over the news and i was watching it with mum and she goes 'some children these days! im glad u dont do stupid things like this' lol... uuhhmmm.... [sic]" she wrote.

Weird! These kids are paid professionals, right? I can't believe they submitted that writing to the Herald without fixing such simple grammatical and spelling errors. Don't they have a subeditor to pick up on this?

So it was already unintentionally ironic enough that this article got published in a newspaper that is regularly riddled with the sorts of grammatical mistakes that would make a gardening society newsletter editor blush. Until...

Finding that sentence really made my day, like a ray of sunshine bursting through the self-satisfied smog that is the rest of this piece of 'journalism'.

Also, everyone knows that 'maybe attending' is polite code for 'not attending'.


  1. I guess Paul Harper doesn't care too much about grammar either, or he would've noticed that "maybe attending" deserves either a "[,]" (in the middle) or a "[sic]" (at the end), and would not have omitted "that" from his first, tenth, twelfth, and thirteenth paragraphs and "at" from his second. :)

  2. Bloody Herald. Always bashing Grammar students.

  3. Also the Castor Bay party on facebook has over 5000 invitees... youths have the last laugh the only way they know how - filling in fields on a website.

  4. Not directly to do with yoof, but surely this takes the prize for the most fucking vapid article ever fucking ever. What a load of fucking bollocks.


  5. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10707888

    Just wanted to share this with someone...

    Who ate all the fries.

  6. Can you start publishing this blog again?

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