Friday, November 20, 2009


Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's like Your Views - but I'm already signed up!


  1. I have now been banned from the 'Vote with your Feet' group.


  2. But Larry Baldock is coming to your defense...

  3. EDITORIAL CRACKPIPENovember 20, 2009 at 5:25 PM

    they banned you? i guess i won't be trolling for long then... :(

  4. Wait til you check out the Rage Against The Maori Party group =D


    This is an unfortunate choice of words.

    A group of people who want to beat their children reckon John Key "has got it coming, boots and all"

  6. You're on a slippery slope James. The thrill of "debating" with people like that will lead to long sleepless nights and suicide.

  7. "Calrification: A sub-heading yesterday on a fact box about a planned march up Queen St said "Defending the right to hit". It should hav referred instead to the broader aim of the march, to make referendums on issues such as the smacking law binding on the government". - From today's paper.


  8. Oh and I spelled clarification wrong. And Have. Not the Herald...It's early.

  9. Poor Larry Baldock. He seems so confused by the people on the facebook group.

    For example:

    "Amanda Inskeep: I will be marching tomorrow for democracy and for my children's future.....its a small price to pay compared to those who laid down their lives to protect our freedoms in generations passed. I do not support violence against children as other commentors seem to suggest is the case. Child abusers are amongst the worst s...cum on this earth. I believe in democracy and our elected government is put in place by majority to represent us. This majority gave a clear message in the referendum. Who are the Government to ignore the voice of the people? See you there..."

    "Larry Baldock: who laid down their lives? what?"

    "Tony Cooper: That war, in the 1940's, were a little over 70 million people died to stop some dictators from taking over.
    And today we have our very own little want-to-be dictator to send a message to."


  10. The dry irony of the I-want-to-hit-my-children rent-a-mob is completely lost on them; a placard with the words "John Furher Key". Sigh.

    Wingnuts are so delicious.

  11. Been watching this unfold from afar... from an article in the online edition at the moment "... Other slogans included "Brian smacks his 700 sons" and "Hit me baby one more time"."

    Nice work.

  12. Go forth and mutliply he said (Brian? Garth? Jaysus? God? Dun matter). So they did and LO! 1001 became 100001.

    Either that or it's a geek playing with that hexadecimal counting system used in cpu's and the like.