Thursday, February 5, 2009

Explanatory pseudo-blog

So, as many of you have noticed, this hasn't been the greatest week for Editing the Herald. Let me explain it - daily-style!

Monday: Very hot. Superbowl on. As good as a public holiday when one is unemployed.

Tuesday: I posted half of my planned blog, intending to complete it once I had returned from lifting heavy objects, and then putting them down again (in a different place). However, I got home and discovered that phone lines were out in the Eastern Bays area. No internet means no blog.

Wednesday: Phone still down. Tried and failed to blog with no internet. Had to go to a punk gig to release my rage. It worked (temporarily).

Thursday (today): Very hot. No internet until late morning. Was going to complete Tuesday's blog but discovered someone had put out the old newspapers. Too hot to read today's paper.

Friday (tomorrow): It's a public holiday and if it isn't illegal to blog on a public holiday, it ought to be.

So I think it's best to write off the whole week, file it as a loss with the IRD, and plan for a successful return on Monday.

A bientot.

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