Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or.... threat! (sorry)

A new candidate for most outrageously overblown headline and story - "Kids' threats shatter Halloween night". The whole thing is atrocious:
Children trick or treating in South Auckland - some younger than 10 - took the "scary" side of Halloween too far last night by threatening people who did not give them sweets.

Police dealt with more than half a dozen cases of children swearing, intimidating and being aggressive towards people who refused to give them lollies.

More than half a dozen! What, seven? Eight?
One Herne Bay resident told the Herald the inner-city area also had problems with terrifying trick-or-treaters, with up to 150 flocking to the suburb for Halloween. "There are even some shipped in from Glen Innes for the better pickings."

Mr Alofa said police had not received any reports of people being "shipped in".

People from Glen Innes visiting Herne Bay? Christ, why didn't you say this was serious??

Oh wait, you did.


  1. I can't imagine people coming to Herne Bay from GI to play trick or treat. They'd be too busy burgling the empty mansions.

  2. You'd think if they were coming by ship they woulda just stopped off in St Heliers.

  3. Were those Herne Bay kids in South Auckland?

  4. Doubt it. I'm guessing they'd all be tucked up safely in a boarding school somewhere.

  5. Every Halloween we get loads of ickle kiddies shipped in from Taiwan.

  6. See, this is what Melissa Lee meant. I'm surprised they didn't interview her to see if she feels vindicated.

  7. Does SH20 go all the way to Taiwan?

  8. Whale Newz.

    I work in the marketing dept at Fullers. 10 minutes after we announced an Orca sighting in Birkenhead on twitter we had the Herald's "Whale Correspondant" on the phone grilling us for details. They never miss an opportunity. Odds are mounting for another revealing porpoise expose on the front page tomorrow.

    Christ, as I was writing this a second reporter from the Herald has rung up. I can only assume he's the "Whale Editor" or something, trying to gather the facts and piece together this aquatic scandal.

  9. I just had a covey of quail (well there was two) land on my deck.

    Should I expect the phone to ring? Hold the front page!

  10. Actually, do you think they'll go with the "All's Whale that Ends Whale" headline that we're all secretly expecting?

  11. Guitarodactyl's Whale Newz, for those that missed it:

    Oh, I see it's an elephant on the news-stand ads today. Haven't had the heart to go look at the paper in the lunchroom.