Friday, December 4, 2009

Please don't read this article

"Weatherston's account of killing Sophie Elliott too gruesome"

From the page A3 article on TVNZ's censure for overly graphic coverage of the Weatherston trial:
TVNZ has been reprimanded for failing to run warnings before the 6pm news when it screened graphic evidence during the Sophie Elliott murder trial.

[...] Shona Thompson complained to TVNZ over its coverage of the trial, when footage was aired showing Ms Elliott's former Otago University tutor and boyfriend Clayton Weatherston giving evidence on July 13.
Next paragraph:
The footage showed Weatherston describing what happened when he stabbed 22-year-old Ms Elliott 216 times and mutilated her body in January last year. Weatherston said: "The most vivid recall I have next is of standing or kneeling over her with a pair of scissors in my right hand, and um, the scissors had gone through the front of her throat and I can feel a crunching sound, like it's against her spine."
Broadcasting Standards Authority > Press Council.


  1. Thus they continue their tradition of telling us what we really didn't need to know.

  2. Hey James. Did you see Noelle McCarthy's largely non-nonsensical and utterly nasty character assassination today? It seems she got invited to a fashion show which was a bit lame. Noelle then went and published the upset letter she received from the aspiring fashion designer about the gig's failure. If Noelle faked the letter it borders on libelous, if not, it's simply cruel. Noelle needs to realise there's a difference between cruelty and journalism.

  3. There's a difference?

  4. Her 'column' has tried this trick several times in the last few weeks. Lazy, unoriginal, potentially dangerous - she might be a pretty face but she can't write and she's run out of ideas.

    Sack her off.

  5. Since when did court evidence become the domain of a media watchdog?

  6. What about the blog standards council? I want to complain about the gruesome account on your blog's post about the gruesome account in the paper's article about the gruesome account in TVNZ's story about the gruesome account in the defendant's statement about his gruesome crime.

  7. Anon @ #2: Noelle had a similar schtick in a recent column, that time targeting a British columnist who had been gay-baiting over the death of boyband star Stephen Gateley. That was alright IMO.

    This time, however, it's pointless and weird. Note that the supposed letter-writer this time has also been rounded upon in the past by the charming* Cameron Slater (Whaleoil) and Bridget Saunders - around the time that they were also waging a sort of blog war on Rachel Glucina of the Herald.

    A good summary for the whole repulsive story here:

    *I footnoted this in the absence of a sarcasm tag.