Friday, July 31, 2009


I just thought I would point out that there is a great Your Views topic up this morning. Grab some popcorn, put your feet up and laugh/cry as appropriate.

What do you want a referendum on? Should it be binding?
Mumbles (Mt Eden): I would like to see a referendum that asks the question 'Should traffic lights be replaced with roundabouts ?' It is a pet hate of mine to stop at a set of traffic lights and no cars cross the intersection or when 576 cars on a main road have to come to a grinding halt so that 3 cars can go. Roundabouts are more efficient, cheaper to construct, they would save power, petrol and oil.
Yes, imagine the savings involved with tearing up every set of traffic lights in the country and replacing them with roundabouts.

Heylin (Hamilton): 1) Lower age of criminal responsibility to 12
A year year old who commits serious crime is full aware of what they do.
Year year year...

The Doctor (Gisborne): I'd like to see a referendum on making referendums binding on the government.
I can see a problem here...

Crucie Fiction (Te Kowhai): Treaty Claims and when they will stop.

Im going to a lunch in New York City on the 24th of Sept. John Key will also be there. Im going to ask him face to face. This is the biggest waste af tax payer money ever.

I'm sure he's looking forward to it as much as you are.

Jim Donald (Whangarei): Daylight saving - the biggest hoax of all time and injurious to public health.

He's right. No 'daylight' is 'saved' at all! There's the same amount, it's just later!

westie (New Zealand): Here is another suggestion for a referendum.That is we,the consumer,decide what is the suitable amount to pay for fuel without being dictated to by the various fuel companies that took "forever" to bring down the price of fuel but ever so promptly upped it by 5 cents within the following days.Rather cheeky buggers are the fuel companies and it's time they realised we are not ones to be pushed about(meaning pay their dictated prices) by them.

Great idea. I propose 5c a litre.

Feel free to add your own gems below. Kia kaha.


  1. Reduce Parliament to a maximum of 20 MPs.

  2. "Will more people vote no than yes in this referendum?"

  3. 'Andrew Atkin (Wellington City) Why all the grief over MMP? Imagine if Helen Clark had it all her way. Jesus Christ! We would be looking like America is looking today.'

  4. Should YV posters be allowed any kind of say in how the country is run?

  5. Should we abandon the concept of parliamentary democracy designed to protect minority rights against the tyranny of the democratic majority?

  6. A week late, and pilfered from a viral email, but I still want to know whether 216 stabbings as part of a loving relationship should be considered manslaughter in New Zealand.

  7. @JP - It depends on whether the person you're stabbing was about to run out in front of a car or not.

  8. @JP: It depends on whether you were stabbed 216 times as a kid and you turned out ok.

  9. Should good editorial correction no longer be considered a criminal offence at the Herald?