Friday, July 24, 2009

Casual Friday

Seeing I wrote quite a bit yesterday, I figured I might actually do some work today. I know - what a square. But I did think I would just point out that earlier this morning EtH passed 50,000 unique views since I started writing it in January. So congratulations to me.

Before I go and pass out with joy, a quick roundup of the highlights on the Herald website [insert joke here]:

Juxtaposition of the day:
"Rape complainants' sexual pasts to be kept secret."

"No shit" headline of the day: "Sophie's killer will be target in jail: expert". Thank god the Herald contacted an expert to ascertain whether the 'most hated person in New Zealand' - a man who brutally murdered a young woman and who has, shall we say, an air of intellectual arrogance - will have a troubled time in prison. Don't drop the soap, Clayton.

Your Views of the day:

Antonius Block (Auckland): It's like Huxley's 'Brave New World' with this forced medication. So pregnant mothers 'may' benefit from folic acid; let them take it. It's the same with the flouridation of water [ flourisde being a by-produc of the aluminium industry & one which has been used in the past to passify whole populations ] - the claim that it prevents cavities is totally unfounded, whereas its correlation to brain-damage & cancer is scientifically proven. I guess, I'll not be eating so much bread from now on, then. I don't know - socialists & their totalitarian social engineering.

Scientifically proven by some of the world's top scienticians. I love how his conclusion is that he will in fact not be eating bread after all; after all, it's the thought that counts!
Silver Fox (East Tamaki) No. As a Male I have no intention or prospect of becoming pregnant at any time soon or in the future.
Oh, Silver Fox - no wonder you're so popular with the ladies.

Charles (Devonport): No. It is not the duty of bakers to medicate.

And it's not the duty of doctors to bake - but wouldn't it be nice if your GP offered you a muffin fresh out of the oven when you went in for a checkup?

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