Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guess the esteemed journal of opinion

One of the above APN publications is filled with gossip and slander, colourful photos and graphics, and lightweight opinion. The other is the Woman's Weekly! (Ba dum chish.) Given this revelatory finding, I offer you some sort of Thursday quiz:

Which of the two APN publications features the following headlines on their latest edition:
  • Mother's plea: Why did my baby die?
  • Ray skips lunch with orcas
  • One dream comes true, millions disappear
  • Readers' responses put sunshine back into Charlotte's life
Answers on the back of a comment.

Don't worry, the Woman's We... erm, the publication in question gets back into traditional form on page 3: "Killer inflicted horrific injuries".


  1. I can only assume that after an argument about whose job is harder, the two publications switched sides for a day, in the style of the show Wife Swap.

    Right now Garth George is scratching out the most spiteful horoscopes ever published, while Athena Starwoman is telling us how to let the constellations choose which minority we should focus our anger on today.

  2. In the spirit of this post, I have a quiz question of my own. Who's hotter, Chris Kahui or Susan Woods?

  3. Speaking of publications distributed by companies with three letter acronyms starting with A, did y'all know that the 'Australian Womens Weekly' is a monthly magazine?

  4. "Ray skips lunch with orcas"

    Is this headline an attempt at word play? It certainly bears no relationship to the facts of the story.

  5. Re the Aussie Woman's Weekly - They could hardly call it the Aussie Woman's Monthly, now could they? It being a periodical and all...

  6. Yeah, the headline on Aussie Woman's Monthly "High tide at Red Beach"... I can see it now.

  7. Its Chris, spunkeye