Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The agony and the irony

Should you feel in the mood, may I recommend this Your Views for your consumption?
Should prisons be run by private companies? What reforms should be made?
There's a terrific sample of some of New Zealand's top up-and-coming conservative comedians, with their best material on why prisoners should be locked in a shipping container and then dumped in the ocean. Like most conservative 'comedians', they don't quite know when their point has been made, but what they lack in modesty they make up for with enthusiasm. Sample answer:
Sir Prospect (Auckland Central): [...] The only right lawbreakers should have is the right to die.
A helpfully racist Herald vision of our future prisons - page A3


I don't really want to finish on that note, so instead I'll offer you this heartwarming story of liberal irony winning out over grumpy racists - and, topically, misleading poll questions: on the Daily Mail's attempt to ask its readers "Should the NHS [The UK's National Health Service] allow gipsies to jump the queue?"


  1. James- Incase you missed TV3 news last night and havn't quite hit your rage quoter today, check out this story on Botox for excessive sweating. In particular watch the last 20 seconds where the news reader does a shameless plug for the Caci Clinic, it's awesome:


  2. Heh, National's not getting it's own way on the privatisation bit anyway...

    And some kind of backlash against the 'corrupt prison union' coming in 3...2...1...