Friday, July 9, 2010

Headline of the day: 'Muslims are people too' Edition

From page A6:


  1. I cringe at the way news media tries to foist a human angle onto stories by giving everyone an occupation, no matter how tenuous and irrelevant.

    'Former nun.' So she used to be a nun, but she isn't any more. (Maybe when they asked her occupation they just mis-spelled 'none'.)

    So the only possible relevance being a nun (sorry, ex-nun) could have to the story is that she's naturally weak-minded enough to forgive her brother's assailants.

    The headline should be re-written "Person of questionable judgement forgives sword-wielding people of questionable judgement who maimed a male person of possibly better judgement, although clearly not enough to avoid getting his hand chopped off."

    Make it so, New Zealand Herald!

  2. that headline's too long I'm afraid. Next.

  3. No, I think if they went with Rustys headline they could forgo the actual story, making more space for something more interesting, like an ad for ASB or a picture of a rabbit.

  4. Foreigners are people too.

    Nice of the Australian-owned rag to let us know.

  5. I'm pretty sure I've found out what James has been doing with his time since he stopped updating here.

  6. The initial earthquake was only five days ago.

    Surely James would have had enough time to engineer the bloody quake himself by now.