Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wait - who's gushing?

From the front freaking page:

Was it the heat, the heavy uniforms, or the presence of the star?

Maybe it was all of these that left a journalist at the New Zealand Herald light-headed and on the verge of fainting yesterday as the Prime Minister opened a Lower Hutt school's new science and technology block.

It was a hot, muggy morning as John Key was greeted by about 620 school girls and several hacks singing the national anthem.

One overcome reporter was led away to get some water and then seated at the back, away from all the excitement.

Later, as the pupils broke into song again, one of the journalists had to be led to a table at the back for a glass of water.

He was soon joined by two others unable to continue standing.

Mr Key went inside to inspect the building, but later returned to meet and greet the reporters.

"He's such an inspirational role-model," gushed one. "He's so cool," was another star-struck accolade.


  1. Oh wow, I had lunch with this amazing blogger from Editing the Herald yesterday. You should have *seen* his attire.

    Was it the heat? I think not! I was most definitely on the verge of fainting. Luckily I was sitting down already ;)

  2. I think they're taking the piss now. I reckon the editors put that there and said "Let's see the liberal bloggers get their panties in a twist about THIS!" Then high-fived each other and they went to Prego for lunch.

    Seriously, it's just fucking shameless now.

    Meanwhile, the fact National has in fact lowered the superannuation as a percentage of the average wage is shunted to A2, in contrast to the Herald's "TAX CUTS: WHAT YOU GET" front page crowing the other week. And I'm sure it has no relation to which demographic advertisers would rather sell to.

  3. Ha! I just read this during my lunch break and instantly thought of EtH. I was laughing with a mixture of disgust and disbelief at this particular Herald-rim-jobs-national masterpiece. John Key really is a dream boat though isn't he? Next they'll have him staring in his own version of rock of love.

  4. Ugh.. Chilton St. James.. a breeding ground for future National voters and ACT-On-Campus fruitbats.